Human Resource Management

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Human resource policies are systems of codified decisions, established by an organization, to support administrative personnel functions, performance management, employee relations and resource planning.  Each company has a different set of circumstances, and so develops an individual set of human resource policies.



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The establishment of policies can help an organization demonstrate, both internally and externally, that it meets requirements for diversity, ethics and training as well as its commitments in relation to regulation and corporate governance of its employees. For example, in order to dismiss an employee in accordance with employment law requirements, amongst other considerations, it will normally be necessary to meet provisions within employment contracts and collective bargaining agreements. The establishment of an HR Policy which sets out obligations, standards of behaviour and document disciplinary procedures, is now the standard approach to meeting these obligations.

HR policies can also be very effective at supporting and building the desired organizational culture.

South Africa’s labour market transformed since 1994, with an emphasis on strategies that eliminate labour inequalities of the past and improve general working conditions for all South Africans.

Legislation and policy

The most notable pieces of legislation which aim to strengthen the labour market include:

  • The Labour Relations Act (LRA);
  • The Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA);
  • The Employment Equity Act (EEA);
  • The Skills Development Act (SDA).

Legislation is supported by codes of good practice, issued by the Department of Labour. Occupational health and workplace safety is also closely regulated.