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We specialize in the design, development and delivery of customized entrepreneurship programmes including accredited training, business coaching and support services. We work with entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporates to address unemployment through new venture creation in South Africa.

Our proprietary entrepreneurship assessment tools enable us to measure entrepreneurship propensity from both an intrinsic and extrinsic perspective, in terms of an entrepreneur’s personality profile and the ecosystem in which they operate. This approach enables us to place entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurship ecosystem on a continuum which in turn guides the customization of unique outcomes-based programmes.

Our philosophy is that of UBUNTU which is a Nguni Bantu term that roughly translates to “humanity toward others”. Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu both referred to “Ubuntuism” as a universal bond or interconnectedness which we believe applies to both life and business.

The Collins English Dictionary suggests that UBUNTU is a noun describing humanity, while the Oxford Dictionary portrays it as an activity that is characterized by sympathy, compassion and consideration for others. Nelson Mandela suggests that there are various aspects of UBUNTU such as respect, helpfulness, sharing, community, caring, trust and unselfishness.

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“School of Entrepreneurship & Business Mastery"

We focus on experiential-learning that creates an opportunity for students to practically apply academic understandings in their business. The coaching aspects of our programmes are based on providing entrepreneurs with advice, guidance, and on-going training throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

Our business coaching and support services follow specific goals and objectives while assisting students at implementing the plans they have developed during training. Through our holistic approach to training and development we ensure our students receive the highest quality learning experience in order to improve their skills, gain recognized qualifications and achieve their goals.

We offer a series of unique Skills Development, Corporate Social Investment (CSI), Enterprise Development (ED) and Social-Economic Development (SED) opportunities through Entrepreneurship Programmes.

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