Creating Positive Change

There are times in an individual’s life when they may feel stuck. They might be in a circumstance that is making them feel unhappy, however they are lacking motivation, inspiration or additional push they need to assist them with making positive change in their life or business. Often they are not even sure what it is that they want or need.

If a person is unclear as to what their goals are, they should try and first clear up their vision. By clarifying what the “big-picture” looks like, it will allow them to take a step back and determine their most important goals. These goals could be related to each functional area of their business, for example: finance, sales, marketing etc or in their personal life they could be related to: health, fitness, relationships etc. It is important to start by determining on a scale of 1-10 (ten being best) how well they are doing in these areas of their business or life. After they determine which area has the lowest number, they can then focus on what they can do to make those areas a “10”.

Once a person has determined what their goal is, they can then begin to plan what steps they need to take in order to get there. One thing to consider is that even though a person may not be happy with their current situation, it was that situation that led them to their vision in the first place. For example we must appreciate where an individual is at in life, which assists at making a positive mental attitude adjustment. This attitude can help to move a person in the right direction more quickly.  

Likewise, it is a smart thought for an individual to encircle themselves with others who have comparable objectives. This support system can add more motivation and can provide even more ideas which will help them to reach their goals. Determination is very important, consider for a moment that: Thomas Edison tried 700 times before perfecting his invention – the light bulb.)  Sometimes, a person simply needs to keep trying and not give up.  

For someone who could use some extra motivation, a business coach can help them find out what they want to achieve and can help to inspire them to achieve it. Having a business coach will not only assist at helping them achieve their goals but to help them unlock their potential to achieve even more.

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