A Definition of High Entrepreneurship Propensity

A Definition of High Entrepreneurship Propensity

Entrepreneurship Propensity (EP) is based on an individual’s entrepreneurial mindset and their entrepreneurial intentions. A person with high levels of entrepreneurship propensity believes that they are in control of their successes and failures in life, and that their fate is a direct result of their own efforts and abilities. They are independent, self-confident, and determined to achieve their goals despite any obstacles or perceived risks. They are planners who are good at developing and implementing ideas and always able to remain optimistic and empathetic. They are creative, imaginative, and have a high level of social awareness. Individuals with high EP are achievement orientated and take pride in their accomplishments. They have a positive outlook on life and view their failures as an opportunity to learn and improve.

A person with high levels of EP has self-motivation and self-belief in relation to realizing their dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. They are highly responsible, committed to their work and reward-driven. They are extremely aware of their environment, are alert to opportunities and not afraid of taking risks. They are open-minded, strategic thinkers who do not hesitate to take action and make things happen. Individuals with high EP are focused, determined, and confident in their abilities, which enable them to overcome challenges. They are proactive, decisive and willing to put in the necessary effort, time, and energy required to achieve their goals. Their sense of hope results in them being resilient and future focused. These qualities, combined with innovative entrepreneurship development training, coaching and support are essential in successfully navigating the entrepreneurial journey.

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