Our coaching services our customized based on our client requirements and generally include weekly coaching sessions and support services such as: strategic planning, website development, social media, and sales training. We focus on specific goals and objectives to assist participants at unlocking their potential for growth. Our coaching sessions aim to provide practical advice and support in developing a strategic plan, online presence (website and social media) and guidance to achieve growth in sales. A baseline analysis is conducted to determine the current status of the business and to track the impact of the various interventions.

A key objective is to assist participants at developing and refining key processes and procedures in their business to improve effectiveness and productivity. A series of tools and templates are provided to assist at developing structure and systems within the business. A strategic plan is developed and broken down into a series of action plans that assists participants at clarifying daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

Practical sales training is providing to assist participants at developing a sales pipeline through cold calling and direct selling. The sales process is developed, lead generation strategies are defined, sales scripts are drafted and email templates and proposals are provided. Cold calling sessions are scheduled at key intervals during the business coaching aspects of the programme.

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