New Venture Creation

R 3 500

The courses covered in this programme form part of the full New Venture Creation (NVC) qualification, enabling learners the opportunity to complete the remaining unit standards of the NVC programme in future should they wish to obtain the full qualification.





The courses in this training programme enable both vertical and horizontal articulation possibilities with other qualifications. Horizontal articulation is possible with the Further Education and Training Certificate: Small Business Advising (Information Support) NQF Level 4 and Further Education and Training Certificate: Generic Management NQF Level 4. Vertical articulation is possible with the National Certificate: Business Advising NQF Level 5 and National Certificate: Business Consulting Practice (Enterprise Resource Planning), NQF Level 5 as well as National Certificate: Generic Management NQF Level 5.


  • Your entrepreneurship profile 263356
  • Innovation and creativity 114600
  • New venture research 114596
  • Strategic planning 263456
  • Financial management 263474
  • Business planning 114592


  • Provides a sense of control over their lives and careers
  • Inspires thought-provoking questions on leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Delivered in timely and tailor-made fashion and is thus comprehensive and easy to follow
  • Imparts valuable baseline skills for starting and growing a business
  • Encourages structured thinking and thus ability to produce sound pipelines and processes
  • Teaches inter-team respect through respectful discussion
  • Increases camaraderie amongst colleagues and allows them to get to know each other