Business Coaching Prep


Our Business Coaching Preparation Programme aims to assist you in preparing for effective business coaching engagements with your Ubuntu Business Coach. The programme includes several activities that will help you to consider important aspects of improving your business and personal effectiveness.





After completing these activities, you will have a clear vision and mission statement for your business, annual goals that fit into that bigger picture. Quarterly goals that move you towards your annual goals, and monthly actions that take you to your quarterly goals.

You will have a clear idea of how your business is doing, where it could really move forwards through boosting its strengths and capitalising on opportunities as well as where it needs to deal with weaknesses and threats on the horizon.

These activities will also provide you with time management techniques to practice and apply. When it comes to reviewing actions and progress, it is great to refer back to these tools and techniques to acknowledge how much better you are managing your time or ask yourself what you could do better.

Once you have completed the business coaching preparation programme you are then ready to work with a business coach to assist you at unlocking your potential and achieving your goals!