• Amanda Carels
    “Ubuntu has helped me identify my target market and ways to handle competition. It will help me put together a proper business plan, register my business and be able to market it. I now know the proper route in structuring my business and getting started. Now I can properly market my business and sell my products to make profit”.
    Amanda Carels
  • Amogelang Phoku
    The most useful lesson I have learnt was financial management because I now know how I am going to price my products and which statements I would need to prepare monthly.
    Amogelang Phoku
  • Baseo Moalafi
    I have learnt that every business needs to do market research and that it is one of the most fundamental things.
    Baseo Moalafi
  • Bethany Homes
    On behalf of the Bethany Board I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity you gave Duduzile by allowing her to take part in your Rooftop Food Garden Project. She found it extremely educational and it was such an amazing learning curve for her. Thank you for this gift which she has now brought back to our shelter in Bertrams.
    Bethany Homes
  • Bokang Sebote
    The Business model canvas was very insightful especially for somebody who wants to start a business and has no idea where to begin putting pen to paper.
    Bokang Sebote
  • Brandon Veldtmann
    The training helped me to be observant, energetic and enthusiastic. It gave me more awareness to stay away from things that could determine my situation. It’s helped me a great deal with some client that I already have and the customers to come. I have benefitted from the training and now I am using what I have learnt.
    Brandon Veldtmann
  • Bruce Vilakazi
    My favourite part of the programme was learning of different processes to help manage my business. I have found different models used in research very useful and the systems will help me streamline the running of my business.
    Bruce Vilakazi
  • Bulelani Maskiti
    I would like to attend long and more of such programme. This training will assist me to do a proper market research for my business, manage my finances and also implement my ideas into a reality.
    Bulelani Maskiti
  • Dumisani Tshabalala
    All aspects in my business can grow from finances to leadership to marketing because I have acquired detailed, effective knowledge for managing and growing my business successfully.
    Dumisani Tshabalala
  • Gloria Ramatabane
    The most useful lesson I learnt from this programme is how to market my product. This programme will help me identify customers, build relations with customers and I will recommend this programme to my friends and family so they can learn the skills as well.
    Gloria Ramatabane
  • Gugu Khoza
    My favourite was the finance module because it made me realize that I was making a loss, how to price correctly and how to manage my finances. I have already started with the action plan and I am setting small goals for myself. I would recommend this programme to other aspiring entrepreneurs because they will learn the do’s and don’ts of starting and growing a business.
    Gugu Khoza
  • Itumeleng Seane
    I enjoyed the positive interaction with the facilitator and going though real-life case studies. Some of the useful lessons I learnt are what you have to take into consideration, different aspects pertaining to starting and running a business. This programme has equipped me with necessary tools to be able to look for opportunities also to be able judge viability.
    Itumeleng Seane
  • Jesca Matlou
    I enjoyed the financial module and quiz sessions, reflecting on what we learned. The most useful lesson was pricing strategy, I had the theoretical knowledge but never had to apply them practically till then. I now know where to start and how to go about it.
    Jesca Matlou
  • Kabelo Rapetsoa
    Completing the business model canvas, it gave me so much insight. For the longest time I’ve hated finance, but that module showed me its importance. I have also learnt that planning and strategizing prior to starting a business is important and self-leadership is also important.
    Kabelo Rapetsoa
  • Keabetswe Komane
    This Bootcamp has given me the information and expanded the little knowledge I had and has helped me become a better critical thinker on starting and understanding what is needed to start a business and basic knowledge and guidance for planning a business as well.
    Keabetswe Komane
  • Kylie Davids
    The bootcamp taught me to believe in my idea, vision and do not give up. I’ve learnt that to be an entrepreneur is a career and it is important to believe in order to put 100% commitment. The Bootcamp has given me the tools to maintain and manage my business so that it can be successful.
    Kylie Davids
  • Lebogang Kutlo Tshambane
    This programme has helped me gain the right information and strategic plans to get my business off the ground.
    Lebogang Kutlo Tshambane
  • Leonard Eva
    I would just like to say thanks to UBUNTU Business School. The training they provided touched on a lot of need to know topics. The knowledge we gained helped with instilling confidence in the call centre and gave us a basic format in which to approach new and existing clients. All in all it was fantastic training and I hope to see the UBUNTU team again soon.
    Leonard Eva
  • Letato Mudavhatsindi
    Financial management, it has helped me understand why it is important to understand and know the numbers of your business.
    Letato Mudavhatsindi
  • Luzanne le Roux
    I found the training very helpful with the extra tips I got. They made the training sessions fun and interactive with enjoyable activities. I believe the training will surely help me in the future with sales.
    Luzanne le Roux
  • Manqoba Mabena
    I have learnt that entrepreneurship is the future and the way to sustain ourselves and our families. This programme can create awareness within communities of South Africa about entrepreneurship and increase the number of new business within the youth.
    Manqoba Mabena
  • Michelle Johnson
    This new venture programme has provided me not only with the basic fundamentals of starting a business but has given insight into every aspect of entrepreneurship and provided me with the necessary tools to become successful.
    Michelle Johnson
  • Mollo Booi
    I found a value worth of diamond. Your patience and willingness really showed relevancy to why do you named your business is called Ubuntu. I am humbled by the valuable information you shared, so practical and viable.
    Mollo Booi
  • Mpendulo Makhanya
    Greetings. Let me take this opportunity to thank imvelisi program, currently I have sponsor and enrolling to RaizCorp Programme for period of 6 months, thank you so much.
    Mpendulo Makhanya
  • Mukhethwa Masuvhelele
    I now have knowledge of how to handle my business in different departments and knowing the importance of profit in the business. I believe this programme will have a positive impact because if the country has more successful entrepreneur, job creation will increase and that will improve the standard quality of living.
    Mukhethwa Masuvhelele
  • Mushi Fourie
    Thank you for the opportunity to attend the sales training course, a good customised practical course with real applications and relevant to our call centre. Interactive, comprehensive and informative, there are too many good points to mention, once again thank you for the wonderful training.
    Mushi Fourie
  • Nhlanhla Ndlovu
    The bootcamp has helped me come up with solutions for barriers I had in my business for the past several months. The facilitator and the content on the workbooks were relevant and helpful in developing my business.
    Nhlanhla Ndlovu
  • Nomsa Ntlokwana
    The entrepreneurship training has helped me understand the need for employee, financial management, pricing, market research and the importance of having action plan in the business.
    Nomsa Ntlokwana
  • Nonhlanhla Radebe
    The pricing module was my favourite part of the programme. I have learnt to price my product as I was under charging. It has helped me obtain leadership skills and to understand putting together financial statements.
    Nonhlanhla Radebe
  • Ntuthuko Mthabela
    The training we received was relevant to the environment that entrepreneurs are expected to survive in TODAY and can be applied immediately. I'd take all my ideas through the bootcamp and recommend it to anyone.
    Ntuthuko Mthabela
  • Oarabile Baikakedi
    With what I've learnt in this training I'm good to go. I'm looking forward to everything that comes with entrepreneurship.
    Oarabile Baikakedi
  • Pelican Sibanyoni
    This programme provided me with useful tools as to how to manage day to day activities in my business. It has channelled me in the right direction as to what it is that I need for my business. The programme can help the government identify potential entrepreneurs and be able to focus on them, in that way it will result in employment creation for others.
    Pelican Sibanyoni
  • Philimon Phaahla
    After the training I am now even more motivated. I have food garden that is giving my family fresh organic produce and is also generating income for me. I have also managed to register my agri-business and I am now planning to grow business. I have learnt a lot about the importance of budgeting my time and money to achieve my goals.
    Philimon Phaahla
  • Pious Makhene
    The Ubuntu team have helped me in understanding the business value of my household garden. Now I know how to design a productive food garden for better variety of nutritional vegetables and also to know the potential of how many crops I can produce, how to price them and sell them. It has saved me a lot of money for my family and has made me some extra money in selling my produce from the garden.
    Pious Makhene
  • Pontsho Ngwato
    My favourite part of the training is the in-depth knowledge of our facilitator and overall conduct of the programme. The programme gave me the opportunities to look at my business with fresh eyes. This programme will give SA entrepreneurs an opportunity to see different ways of how to run and manage their business.
    Pontsho Ngwato
  • Refilwe Keabilwe
    The bootcamp definitely opened my eyes, even after 14 years in business. There are so many processes that one over looks that are important.
    Refilwe Keabilwe
  • Simbonile Maki
    This programme has helped with more understanding of essential tools to consider and implement going forward. This training will help more entrepreneurs to have in-depth information on how to have viable, sustainable and profitable businesses.
    Simbonile Maki
  • Simphiwe Makapela
    The bootcamp was geared toward equipping real-life entrepreneurs with tools to solve real societal problems. I am thankful. It is a gateway for entrepreneurial development, simply because of the practicality of the program.
    Simphiwe Makapela
  • Sinekhaya Manciya
    With the knowledge gained from the training, I believe I am equipped enough to better my business and grow it better.
    Sinekhaya Manciya
  • Teboho
    In a nutshell, all I can say is the bootcamp was eye opening, it helped me channel my business idea into a most beneficial path.
  • Thabang Molopo
    “I have learnt the importance of having a clear vision that aligns with my values. It has afforded me the opportunity to look back and re-evaluate the foundation that my business is built on”.
    Thabang Molopo
  • Thabo Motshwari
    I have learnt the importance of having clear goals and setting myself and my business apart.
    Thabo Motshwari
  • Thandeka Buthelezi
    I enjoyed learning about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, meeting new people, gaining business knowledge which I didn’t have. I learnt that an entrepreneur leads and motivate them selves before they can motivate others.
    Thandeka Buthelezi
  • Thato Laletsang
    The knowledge was priceless I learned a lot of models on how I could implement and track performance in the business.
    Thato Laletsang
  • Thato Rapudi
    New Venture Creation training can allow individuals to be more motivated to push for their business ideas, it will alleviate poverty and unemployment by training the youth on how to develop a business and create employment.
    Thato Rapudi
  • Thembisile Mahlangu
    Thank you for the thoughtful programme, the training is well structured and its functional. I learnt an awful lot. This programme will help me with finding partners and developing my product until it reaches commercial potential.
    Thembisile Mahlangu
  • Thokoziwe Khosotlo
    Basically every topic was my favourite part of the programme but time management was the most interesting part. I also learned the importance of budgeting and keeping financial records.
    Thokoziwe Khosotlo
  • Tsoka Richard
    The bootcamp has equipped me with the necessary knowledge and relationships which are preparing me as I move closer to venture into business.
    Tsoka Richard
  • Xolisa Mpafa
    The programme made things easier, because I had challenges with cashflow, financial statements and did not understand how a balance sheet is formed. Now I can do basic financial things that will make work easier.
    Xolisa Mpafa
  • Zipho Mkize
    “The programme literally takes you from idea generation and assessment to assisting you to make and record your first sale. It’s very valuable for newcomers. The activities and tasks that we completed have helped me improve certain aspects of my business”.
    Zipho Mkize

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